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Copper T 380A IUD capped (Intra-Uterine Device)

  • Our Copper T380A IUD uses the tried and tested fitting technique used in millions of insertions (Gynae T 380). Manufactured by one of the world’s largest producers of IUDs.
  • Copper T380A has a loading capsule and insertion tube with graduated scale card included. 
  • loads in seconds and can be used as emergency contraception for up to 5 days after unprotected sex.
  • The Copper T380A has an intra-uterine life span of 10 years giving your patient a decade of confidence.
  • Patients over 40 can choose to leave the IUD device in situ until menopause - the ideal fit and forget method.


  • Uterine sound provided in packet
  • 10-Year lifespan
  • Gold standard COPPER IUD
  • The most inexpensive and cost effective Copper T380 A available in the UK
  • Quick fitting using the tried and tested method
  • Used throughout Europe and the rest of the World
  • Cost effective emergency contraceptive
  • Prescribe through FP10, WP10, GP10 or HS21.


  • 380mm2 copper content
  • IUD width: 31.8mm
  • IUD length: 35.8mm
  • Loading tube width: 4.75mm
  • Graduated scale card included
  • With loading capsule
  • FREE Uterine Sound with each Copper T380A
  • PIP code 371 4995

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